In the time I’ve been privileged to lead The Church at Severn Run there has been one driving motivation. We want to reach as many people as possible by creatively revealing the Love of the Father, through the Life of the Son, in the Power of the Spirit.  Many of us are here today because living God’s purpose has had a transformative effect on our lives and drives us to make it real in the lives of others. 

We are so grateful for the growth at The Church at Severn Run, but until heaven is full we must continue to gather resources, expand ministry friendships, and create environments that make more room for our friends and neighbors, as well as the unconnected in our communities and around the world.  

On this website you can read about the plan God has given us to get On The Road and raise $6 million, and become a worshipping community of 5,000 people. Most importantly, you will learn how to be a part of this landmark Kingdom opportunity.

I hope you will take the time to prayerfully consider the role God has for you over the course of the next two years as we get On The Road. Without great faith, this will be impossible. Without giving generously for the sake of eternity, this will be impossible. But with God ALL things are possible! I’m looking forward to seeing God’s next great move!

       - Drew Shofner